Invited Speakers

for the Dinar Camotim Special Session

Professor Leroy Gardner

Imperial College London, UK

Testing and Analysis of Composite Cold-Formed Steel and Timber Flooring Systems with Innovative Shear Connectors

Rodrigo Gonçalves

NOVA School of Sciences and Technology, Portugal

On the Contributions of Dinar Camotim to the Advancement of Thin-Walled Member Analysis and Design

Professor Emeritus Gregory Hancock

The University of Sydney, Australia

Recent Developments in the DSM Localised Loading Design of Cold-Formed Steel Sections

Professor Joseph Loughlan

Loughborough University and Cranfield University, UK

The Stability of Thin-Walled Single and Multi-Cell CFRP Composite Tubes in Torsion

Professor Mahen Mahendran

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Performance of Load-Bearing LSF Walls Exposed to Fire on Both Sides

Professor Kim Rasmussen

The University of Sydney, Australia

Stiffness Reduction of Cold-Formed Steel Structures Subject to Sectional Buckling and Yielding

Professor Ben Schafer

John Hopkins University, USA

Realization and Reasoning for New DSM Format for Cold-Formed Steel Design

Professor Luís Simões da Silva

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Lateral-Torsional Buckling Resistance of Non-Uniform Mono-Symmetric Steel Beams

Professor Paulo Vila Real

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Local-Global Buckling Interaction in steel beams: A European Design Proposal for the Case of Fire

Professor Ben Young

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Test Campaign on Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Beams Experiencing Local-Distortional Interaction Under Non-Uniform Bending